The Saint Daniel the Prophet Parish Finance Council is formed to help the pastor in the administration of the parish goods.

The purpose for the Parish Finance Council is to insure that the pastor will get the best advice possible on fiscal and administrative matters and to further assist the pastor in the implementation of policy decisions in a manner that is fiscally prudent.

The following are some of the responsibilities of the Parish Finance Council:

  1. to assist the pastor in the management of parish funds which the parish is authorized to retain and manage;
  2. to review the Annual Budget and Annual Parish Report before submission to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center,;
  3. to assist, where appropriate, in the preparation of both of the above reports;
  4. to assist in the formation of the Annual Parish Report to the parish community.

The Parish Finance Council is about the life of the community of faith and as such its members should be members of the parish community.  Members of the Parish Finance Council are chosen by the pastor based upon demonstrable skills in management, finance or legal expertise.

Those interested in serving on the Parish Finance Council should contact:

Fr. John T. Noga, Pastor at: 773-586-1223.