St. Daniel the Prophet's RESPOND program is designed to prepare Special Needs Children to receive the Sacraments and gather socially as members of a Faith Community.

Our volunteers work with each individual accessing his/her needs in becoming practicing members of their parishes.

In a special environment of dedicated and caring people, RESPOND intends for each member to grow in spirit and faith at his or her own pace.

Basic prayers and Catholic rites are emphasized and worked on by groups (or when necessary, one on one) until each skill is developed.  No definite text is used—stories from the Bible, art projects, music, crafts and individual talents are all included in our sessions.

Our staff is focused on the goal of assimilating each member into their parish. This is not a one or two year task, but ongoing from ages six until adulthood.

Through the generous help from the Knights of Columbus, we have been able to provide this program tuition free.  It is our goal to keep our RESPOND program accessible to all who want or need it.

If you would like more information about our RESPOND program, know of someone who may benefit from the program, or are interested enough to join our staff, please call Kathy Kuchta at: (773) 586-7532.